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Walker EDGE Internships

Walker EDGE encourages students to gain practical professional experience through internships opportunities in a variety of fields. Professional development resources are available through, WSBT 2000 Career Exploration for Professional Success, a 3 credit hour course and Walker EDGE 101, a free online tutorial, are designed to support and empower a successful internship search. 


Participating in an internship allows students to gain practical experience and make valuable connections. Walker EDGE and Webster University's Career Planning & Development Center have partnered with many multinational companies to develop internship opportunities for Walker students. Walker EDGE offers an Internship Fair each year in the Spring Semester and encourages students to participate in the Webster University Career Fair. 


Participants in an internship will gain:

  • Valuable professional experience, essential in today's job market
  • Better understanding of corporate and business culture
  • Opportunity to build professional skills and industry knowledge
  • Opportunity to build professional contacts
  • A competitive EDGE in future career endeavors

Finding a Great Internship

  • Begin brainstorming about the kind of Internship you might like to land. Try to think about this experience not in terms of pay, but it terms of what level of experience you will gain and the value of that experience when you begin a job search. 
  • Take the WSBT 2000: Career Exploration for Professional Success.  This course will help you develop a career strategy and polish your personal brand. Create a resume, get social and learn key job search skills.
  • Seek out networking opportunities in your area and use resources such as Walker EDGE hosts recruitment events and other professional development opportunities each year. See the Walker EDGE events page for more information. 
  • Research companies you think you might be interested in working for. Have a grasp of what the company is trying to accomplish and how you might see yourself fitting into those goals. Check out the Webster Library for company research. 
  • Conduct informational interviews with employees who hold positions you might wish to pursue upon graduation. These interviews should be used to gain insight into the corporate culture as well as provide excellent networking opportunities.
  • Begin application process for internships that interest you.
  • Set up an appointment with the Career Planning and Development Center to polish your interviewing skills and customize your resume.


Internships take place throughout the year. Need more information?  Visit our Walker EDGE FAQ page.