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Military Education

Webster University opened its first military campus in 1974, and since then has provided unmatched educational programs to our military for more than 40 years. Webster quickly and consistently established itself as a leader in military education assisting veteran and military students in making their educational dreams come true.

The University's distinguished record of top tier rankings in U.S. News and World Report, Advanced Military Education, charter member status in both the Service Opportunity College (SOC) and the DoD MOU shows why Webster University is an institution that delivers high quality and fully accredited educational programs.  As a worldwide institution ensuring high-quality learning experience that transforms students for global citizenship and individual excellence, the Office of Military Affairs takes great pride upholding the standards Webster University demands and military students deserve.

Office of Military Affairs: Goals

Military-focused student groups and clubs, including the Webster University Student Veterans Organization and local engagement with partnership US Air Force and US Army ROTC units, are under the purview of the Office of Military Affairs (OMA). Additionally, the OMA coordinates the delivery of Webster's education programs at military campuses serving all branches of the military, maintains Webster's alliances with federal and state agencies and advises the University's leadership on military-related issues and opportunities across all branches of our government, including the Department of Defense's student base for non-degree offerings, undergraduate-completion, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs.

  • Enhance relationships with all military branches
  • Strengthen military student services
  • Expand Webster's military and governmental opportunities

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Military Education News

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