FIDE WOM Chess for Girls | Webster University

FIDE WOM Chess for Girls 2015


How Chess Develops Strategic Thinking, Academics

The 2nd annual “FIDE WOM Chess for Girls” competition brought 10 of the world’s best young chess players from around the globe to Webster University and its Vienna campus for a week of training and competition under the greatest female chess player in history. Webster chess coach and grandmaster Susan Polgar, Webster University Provost Julian Schuster, and the contestants spoke about how chess develops strategic thinking and opens up academic opportunities. Polgar spoke about the obstacles she overcame growing up as a female chess player, while several discuss the opportunities in chess and at Webster.

Webster University partnered with the Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM) of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) as well as the Austrian Chess Federation and the Susan Polgar Foundation to hold the event.